mumsnet-surveyPostnatal Depression (PND) is something a lot of parents suffer with after having their baby. According to the NHS, the presence of PND has been reported by 26% of first-time mothers, along with 33% of new mothers with more than one child. 1 in 10 fathers have been found to suffer with PND too according to NCT, and 1 in 3 have been concerned about their mental health. It doesn’t matter whether you have been planning your family for years, or whether your little bundle of joy was a complete surprise; whether you are a mother or a father. Anyone can be susceptible to this unfortunate condition.

Postnatal OCD (PNOCD) is something less heard of, but which often gets confused with PND. Parents experience PNOCD in different ways, but the main issue tends to be thoughts of causing harm to your child. This is a terrifying experience, and few people ask for professional help because they are worried they will have their child taken from them.

As someone who has experienced both (you can read a bit about it here), I have started this site in order to try and offer help and encouragement to others. Information regarding postnatal mental health isn’t as freely available as it should be, and as such many parents feel alone in what they are experiencing – they believe they are doing everything wrong and failing their child. I was lucky in that my local family center offers a brilliant postnatal support service, but I know how easy it can be to get lost and give in to despair.

No matter how bad it gets, just remember that you are not alone. You can beat this.


Disclaimer: I am not a psychiatrist or any kind of medical professional. I do not have any training in the field of postnatal mental health, I am simply going by my own experiences. Please phone your doctor, health visitor or local counselling service if you feel you are not coping and need some help.