You Are Not Your Anxiety

Having just read this blog post, I feel it is too relevant not to share. You are not your anxiety. This is something so many of us need to hear, and something that almost always gets forgotten. Reading it, it certainly rang true for me.

Isn’t it strange how often we need validation from others? Without realising it, a lot of the time we are waiting for someone else to tell us It’s okay. You’re allowed to feel that way. And yet, if it came from a friend it wouldn’t have quite the same effect. So why do so many of us need validation from complete strangers?

It is a comfort to hear, however, that our feelings don’t determine who we are. They may make us act differently in certain situations, but they do not govern us. We have the power of control, we just need to grasp it.

Hoang BinRepeat after me: You are not your anxiety. Say it again: You are not your anxiety. Let that phrase run through your mind the way the thousands of other nagging ideas do, let that phrase stop those irritating creatures from chewing away at the insides of your mind and tearing holes in your stomach.…

via You Are So Much More Than Your Anxiety — Thought Catalog

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