Self-Care Series: 20 Activities For Your Self-Care List

It can be difficult to think of new and interesting things to do in your free time, especially when you are trying really hard to do so. We get stuck doing the same things over and over because we like and enjoy them, and they end up being just another boring, predictable part of our lives.

Self-care is a practice which encourages us to look at life a little differently. Rather than doing the same old, try something new…something you’ve been meaning to do for a while, or something that a friend or family member has recommended.

Here are 20 activities that you could add to your self-care list:

  1. 20-self-care-activitiesGo to/order from a new restaurant.
  2. Read a book from a genre you don’t usually choose.
  3. Decorate one of the rooms in your house.
  4. Go to the zoo and learn something new about each animal.
  5. Empty your wardrobe of clothes you no longer wear – donate them to charity.
  6. Have a soak in a long hot bath.
  7. Go to a museum and learn something new.
  8. Go for a night out with your friends. Do it sober.
  9. Listen to music from your childhood.
  10. Go on a mini break somewhere new.
  11. Start a journal! Log your thoughts, feelings and ideas.
  12. Memorise a constellation, and try to find it in the night sky.
  13. Binge watch a new series on Netflix.
  14. Book yourself in for a manicure.
  15. Get a new hair style.
  16. Buy yourself some flowers to brighten up your room.
  17. Have a night out at a comedy club.
  18. Buy a present for someone you care about – or just do something nice for them.
  19. Cook your favourite meal.
  20. Go for a walk along the beach.


Do you practice self-care? What is your favourite thing to do?


9 thoughts on “Self-Care Series: 20 Activities For Your Self-Care List

      1. I journal privately when things get too difficult. I take walks a few times a week but write publicly, almost daily.


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