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Self-Care Series: 20 More Activities

Do you spend enough time looking after your mind, body and soul, or do you devote yourself entirely to the care of others? Do you let yourself get run down because it is ‘selfish’ to spend time relaxing and doing something you love to do?

If you feel guilty about self-care, just remember: you need to look after yourself in order to better look after others. You are no use to anyone if you collapse in a quaking heap in the corner.

If you found the last list of 20 self-care activities helpful, or you are stuck for ideas, here are 20 more activities to add to your self-care list!


  1. 20-more-self-care-activitiesStart a bullet journal
  2. Make a list of things you’re grateful for
  3. Treat yourself to your favourite sweets
  4. Turn your phone off for the evening
  5. Find a new cycle path and go for a ride
  6. Spend time watching the fish at your local pet store
  7. Buy a new outfit
  8. Spend the afternoon at an art gallery
  9. See a stage show at your local theatre
  10. Go for a jog
  11. Take a nap
  12. Try out a new healthy recipe
  13. Watch a comedy
  14. Listen to an audio book – lie down and close your eyes
  15. Go for a picnic
  16. Give your fridge a clean – clear out unwanted food
  17. Make a meal plan for the week
  18. Dance to your favourite music
  19. Spend an afternoon at the library
  20. Make a savings plan


You can find more of the Self-Care Series here:


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